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Training on Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I

In September 2016, our Application Development Team enhanced their knowledge on one of the industry’s best application servers by taking the course “Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I”.

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c provides new features which result in lower costs of operation and improved performance. During this course our developers familiarised themselves with a complete set of services and modules which handle many details of application behaviour automatically, without requiring programming. The course also included hands-on training in order to understand and execute administrative tasks and get an overview of the architecture and concepts of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c. As security is fundamental for enterprise applications, Oracle WebLogic Server 12c security features were also examined. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c comes with a comprehensive, flexible security infrastructure designed to address the security challenges of making applications available on the Web which can be used standalone to secure applications or as part of an enterprise-wide, security management system.

The main concepts that have been presented in this course are listed below:

  • WebLogic Server installation

  • WebLogic Server backup and restore

  • Domain Creation

  • WebLogic Server configuration

  • WebLogic Server monitoring

  • Cluster creation

  • Authentication using third party sources

As Neurosoft invests on new technologies and product quality, our team was able to gain further knowledge on key factors and concepts in order to simplify application deployment, significantly improve time-to-market and ensure continuous operation of our customers’ critical business applications and services.

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