Platform Philosophy

Fully customized, reporting APIs connectivity, UX

Proxima+ is attuned to the latest international and local market challenges and trends in Factoring and Supply Chain finance. It brings a unique business and technological proposition which has all tools integrated and sets new standards in the receivables finance space.
Fully UX customisable in the front end and API driven in the back end, using the latest responsive technology, secure by design and continuously re-evaluated with respect to the latest security trends, Proxima+ is a unique proposition that goes beyond today's needs. Its Distributed Ledger technology and smart contract capabilities makes it the obvious choice for a "future-proof" E2E solution.

Streamlined Processes

Full workflow engine support

Graphics led

Next Generation Security

Advanced tokenisation standards

Blockchain driven


Rule based  Sales Finance Products



Transparency and Control

Get your suppliers and buyers on-board and interact with them

Connect to Core Banking, ERP, Compliance systems, Data warehouse...

Your customers gain great visibility to their transactions which are fully audited

Flexibility / Agility

Real time

Real time interaction with

your customers

Fully Scrum Agile ensures faster and cost effective product delivery

Schedule processes, drive data out of your clients systems, reconcile


  • End-to-end Security

  • External/Internal/Endpoint Security

  • Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

  • Security Zones

  • Encrypted Storage

  • GDPR compliant where required


Solution Integration

  • Interoperability & Compatibility among all Subsystems and components

  • Integration points to attach external subsystems

High Availability & Reliability

  • Full Redundancy to Core Switches, firewalls servers and load balancers

  • Virtualization in Servers & Storage


  • Expandable network Infrastructure

  • Servers Scalability in both CPU & RAM

  • Storage Expandability


  • Management system for all Infrastructure subsystems

  • Common management where applicable


We calculate statistics based on our own Data Mart on more than 120 metrics. For each of this metric, we calculate:

  • Outlier value, standard deviation and variance against our portfolio and scores the quantity accordingly

  • seasonal variances and abnormalities based on historical data

  • joint variability of metrics, e.g how advances are related to DSO

  • ranking of metrics within our portfolio


Whatever the action is from your SCF, such as request for financing from your seller, confirming or disputing receivables from your buyer or any other action, the transaction is visible to the factoring's core system in real-time. No more waiting or delays. This works as well the other way round. Any financing confirmation or acceptance of a request is immediately visible to your sellers and buyers. With an internal messaging system, your sellers/buyers can send messages, upload documents etc. and all in real time.


What about this special need where we require this extra information for each seller that hasn't been catered for. Our design ensures that an abundance of free (unused)  fields exists for this occasion. This ensures design integrity and stability and at the same time flexibility to add new data fields without touching code or application.