Limit Management

All kinds of limits; funding, credit, insurance collection, reverse


Proxima+ is based on an efficient entity structure in order to allow the factor to increase operational speed, avoid duplicates and increase flexibility in treating suppliers in their relation with their buyers. Limits are defined in a hierarchical way from top-down.


Group limits are at the top, sellers have Funding Limit and Reserved Limit contracts (limit reserved for future relationships) and supplier contracts also have funding and temporary limits.

Buyers have Funding, Credit and Insurance Limit (derived from insurance contracts), Reverse Factoring Limit and Collection Limit plus corresponding temporary and reserved limits.

At Seller / Buyer Account level, we have, Funding, Credit Limit, Insurance Limit (derived from insurance contracts) plus temporary limits. For reverse accounts we can use automatic distribution of the reverse funding limit with respect to the Buyer reverse funding limit.

At Insurance Company level, we have Insurance Limits (for contracts with the Bank).

Finally at Factor level we have Credit Limits (used for Import Factoring, for payment under guarantee and full factoring).