Frequently asked questions


How do I install Proxima+ Core on my computer?

You don't. Proxima+ Core is 100% web based. You do not need to install any software.

What browsers do you support?

The suite runs on Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer etc. We are browser agnostic.

What level of accessibility do you offer ?

Proxima+ offers a fully web-based versatile platform, highly secure, that is accessible from anywhere from within or outside the organization perimeter, anytime, using any kind of device. Users can be in different time zones or companies, use different currencies and speak different languages, as it can simultaneously support Latin-based languages, Greek, Cyrillic, Turkish and Arabic. However, the system is operated and administered centrally, allowing for more streamlined and uniform services.


Does the platform enforces dual control in the form of maker and checker of administrative actions to ensure these activities before they are accepted by the system?

Yes! All actions require a maker and a checker, enforcing a four eye principle

Are all the sensitive data (e.g. passwords), including their backups, stored in an encoded or encrypted form in order not to be readable in case of exploitation or other application corruption? For the case of password encryption, state the method(s) used.

Data Encryption Standard (DES) is used. We also use OAuth 2.0 which is the industry-standard protocol for authorization and focuses on client developer simplicity while providing specific authorization flows for web applications, desktop applications, mobile phones, and living room devices.


Do you support collateralized loans?

Collaterals can be assigned at various level.s. Proxima+ has automatic mechanisms to notify on expiration of assets, such being LOC. Also provided the ability to calculate risk exposure based on insured receivables w.r.t collateral value in order to see what is the net position is. Optionally, the ability to assign assets to receivables in a many to many relation can be supported.

Do you support all languages ?

The system is designed to support Unicode ( UTF-8), That means that can simultaneously support of Greek, Latin based, East European & Asian languages and in fact any language. There is no limitation on character set and the user can easily switch between the languages with just one click.


How many reports you offer ?

We offer over 100 different types of reports with scheduling function and history trail, which can be generated in pdf, html or csv format.

Among other features, it enables on the spot Daily Balance Sheet with drill down capabilities, client analysis, account statements, insurance declarations, loss claims, and automated letter and invoice generation.

Document Management

Do you support a DMS?

The platform has its own Document Management System which can store all types of documents such as legal documents, contracts, cheques images, invoices and documents uploaded by suppliers and sellers